Wall Hugger Reclining Sofa

Discover Furniture, we are going to take a look at the difference between a lazy boy, rocker recliner and a wall. Saver recliner both look very very similar. This is actually the James, the 521 recliners from a lazy boy. Both look very similar, but you can tell this one will rock and this one will not rock. These are both Shay’s recliners and I will sit down and show you that here you can see that the footrest is continuous, so you don’t have that gap in there I’ll go ahead and recline back all the way here. So you can see it lays back. Pretty far and then I’ll go ahead and put it down and there’s that popping sound that you hear on a lazy boy, rocker recliners.

It is perfectly normal to hear that sound and then I’ll show you reclining the wall saver recliner here and it’s just. You can see slides out and it’s going to slide back and you don’t get that popping sound on this one like you to do on the other one you can see. This does not rock for some people. They either need it closer to the wall. So you have. Can be closer to the wall or they need for tardiness. Standing up a lot of people like to push themselves up. It’s a little bit more difficult in a rocker because it is going to move up now we’re going to come around to the side here and I’ll. Give you an idea, I’m going to go ahead, the lazy boys.

We know you can recline the back without putting the footrest up, and so I’m going to turn these sideways here. So you can see the difference. Push this one back just so. We can see that we’re in the same starting position here so there were lined up. Then again we will come back here and you can see that sliding out and away will come back here. So you can see if this is your wall here there is a pretty good-sized difference there. I believe you need about 11 inches or so behind this one and about six inches or so behind this one to recline all the way. So we’re going to put this up and I’m going to show you underneath the difference that you’ll find here on the bottom of these I’ll, just pull them back and we’ll flip it forward. So you can see what they look like underneath so you’ll see here on the wall. Saver recliner, you do have that metal base on it. It’s a track that just slides and then here underneath the rocker recliner.

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