Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table

To talk upholstered benches. They are a fantastic solution for extra seating being flexible in a small space. You can use them as a coffee table. You can put them on the other side of the coffee table facing your sofa. You can push them up against a wall, put them in front of a fireplace. They are fantastic solutions. A whole little family could fit on this for the holidays or a couple at a party, it’s a great idea. So what we are going to do today is this is a bench that was provided to me by one of my clients in just this condition. It’s an MDF box, it is reinforced inside it was built to be a bench.

You could do this exact same process with a coffee table that had interesting legs, any kind of narrow piece of wooden furniture. You could upholster in this same way we’re going to start now, I’m using 1-inch foam, because, if you’ve watched any of my other videos, you know foam is one of the most expensive supplies. I happen to have a 60 % off Joann’s coupon, so I actually went out last night between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. in order to get this and that one inch was significantly less expensive than the 2 inches, and once you wrap it in Dacron, it’s not going to matter so I use a spray adhesive just to tack the fabric down the foam down. Now you can see that I’ve actually pieced in right here because it came in pre-rolled lengths of two and a half feet and it doesn’t matter.

That’s on my lower level. I’m putting the second level on top, always read your adhesive and make sure that they are bone-friendly because this is a completely synthetic material and some glues will literally just eat right through it. It’s like hot gluing styrofoam. You can’t do it to make sure that it is appropriate to use on phone. You don’t even need to wait for that to dry, so the next thing I’m going to do is bring in some Dacron to wrap this and we’re going to tuck that underneath before we ever get started with fabric. So this is the Dacron spread on here smoothly. I got a twin size batting and have it tripled up here because it’s so thin to cover the sides of the box because we didn’t put any foam there. I don’t. I want it to be soft. When you touch it, then we are going to staple that. We want it out of the way as possible, and we don’t want to pull at this point and get too many wrinkles.

Take it inside stitch along there and we will be ready to finish up so I know I told you that this was my client grandmother’s fabric and what ended up happening is the age of the fabric made it very delicate. It actually ripped, as I was trying to sew it, and I had to take out a seam and it just destroyed it. So it had literally like an eighth of an inch of edging with that I could have put over the edge and stapled into and that probably would have ripped when people sat on it. So the whole version where I stitched the ends – I ended up not using it all because I found out that my client had fabric someplace else in her house. Then we could just wrap the whole bench, so we have gone ahead and done it.

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