Square Ottoman Coffee Table

Organize your coffee table inside of your living room or your family room. So one of the problems with organizing your coffee table is you: don’t have a lot of space and it’s like it’s. You might have a lot of things, not a lot of space and it’s a common space. It’s a common room that everyone in the house uses so you’re kind of setting up a system for everyone to you. It’s not just like one person. So let me show you what I do here, so I, instead of a coffee table, I have a storage ottoman that serves as the coffee table also but has storage inside to kind of maximize space. So on top here I just have like photo books and there are coasters and really that’s it. The purpose of like not putting a lot of stuff was because it’s a storage, ottoman and sometimes we’re taking you to know the top part off to get things to get to the things inside, and so I didn’t want to have a lot of things on top. Ok, so one of the things I do to maximize space and get things off the table onto the vertical space is used. A remote control organizer that just hangs over the edge and the rest of it falls into the ottoman, and so what I’ve done here is I’ve just velcroed this in place. So it’s not going to fall, but it contains all of the remote controls like on the side and then what I did on the back was I just labeled them with what they are. So this is the TV one.

This one is not in use right now and it might sound like ridiculous to label the remotes. But when there’s like a million remote controls nowadays it gets really confusing. If you aren’t good with technology or you just don’t, have it memorized or if you have guests over or like a babysitter over or something and they want to watch television, you don’t have to like explain everything. Everything is labeled, so it’s kind of self-explanatory so did that so now let me show you, what’s inside the coffee table and kind of go through, you know what kind of stuff we store inside. Okay, so inside the coffee table, I just have board games and photos. That’s like the main purpose, so it’s like yeah the main purpose of the coffee table, so I store all of our board games vertically because they’re easier to access as opposed to stacked. So I just come in here. I see exactly what games we have and I keep them in the family room, because when we have friends over sometimes to play board games – and so this is just the place that we play so just made the most sense so they’re stored vertically and what I do for some of the games that like have a really like loose lid like the lid yeah, it just doesn’t stay on. So I put a big rubber bands just like this, and so it just keeps the lid on. So when I pull up the game, it doesn’t, you know like pieces, don’t fall out and stuff and then for the games where the box is kind of falling. Apart from like this one right here, I just put a clear packing tape along the edges, so the box kind of stays intact and I use clear tape so it doesn’t cover. You know the name of the game, even though you can obviously see what the name of the game the game is.

Okay, so one of the things that I do for some of the board games not really all them, but some of them is put all the pieces in little plastic baggies, just like this, just to make it easier to clean up and easier to you know just Set up the game and stuff is it just makes it a little simpler, okay, all right, so that goes there and then over here, there’s old photo albums. So I don’t really put pictures and photo albums not much anymore since they’re, just older ones. Now I’m just using these photo boxes, just stacked in here nice and organized and then, whenever I print photos I can just put them inside here or if they’re bigger photos.


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