Rocking Chair With Ottoman

This is the glider and it also came with a little ottoman. It’s this white color, but you know some spots, it’s kind of chipping and like on the handles and had these pretty thin covers and we’re not covers about foam pads, which I removed the foam already, and there was one back here to whatever I taking those out Because I made new covers – and so basically this is what the old stuff looks like it’s kind of like almost like blue burlap, so taking that off, and this was to cover the springs. So here is the finished product.

This is the ottoman nice and smooth and a big rocking chair. It’s totally everything that I wanted dark and light. It’s got a really nice pad super comfortable, super quiet and it’s really sturdy. I wanted to show you guys in the back here a little touch that I made something that if I’d bought it wouldn’t have, I tied little ribbons on the back so like to hold this cushion on instead of just having generic, you know whatever holding it on. Just tie little ribbons, so I sewed them to the fabric here I sewed them and then tie them on. So I thought that was kind of cute, I’m not the best it bows, but whatever it’ll do then I wanted to show you guys.

lighter rocker and ottoman set constructed of solid wood. This piece is extremely sturdy and designed to last with generous seating room, padded arms and microfiber seat cushions. This rocker is also extremely comfortable. The arms feature pockets to keep books, magazines or remote controls close at hand. Enclosed metal ball bearings ensure a smooth rock for both a chair and ottoman thanks for taking the time to learn more about the bow back. Glider rocker and ottoman set


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