Reclining Sofa Slipcover

Designed to fit over your existing furnishings sure fit sub covers turn your sofas, loveseats, and chairs into the accent. Pieces to complement your lifestyle is show off your design style with a wide palette of colors and patterns. Sure fits of covers. Let you change your space to suit any occasion, quality or mood. If you desire a sleek contoured quality, our form-fit slipcovers are made of a pliant stretch, material. The result, the slipcovers that perfectly hug the shape of your furniture for a clean silhouette and with our easy-to-use design, you can reinvent your environment virtually in minutes. Once you have removed the SureFit sub cover from the packaging, we recommend placing it in your tumble dryer. It’s a damp towel for 10 minutes to remove folding, creases, and wrinkles, make sure that the dryer is set to low heat use.

The attached positioning labels to locate the covers back start by positioning the Surefit slipcover over the back of the recliner and setting the shoulders in place, pull the cover down to wrap the elastic band around the bottom of the recliner. Once the cover is correctly placed on the chair, slightly recline, the backrest to raise the footrest to use the attached position label on the inside seams to position the arms pull and stretch the cover under the bottom of the arms place. The recliner handles opening over the handle place the remaining fabric over the footrest, smooth any access fabric in tuck creases to achieve a form, fit tie or hooks the elastic loops underneath to ensure the fabric stays in place.

Recliner chairs have loose covers comprised of four components the first one covers the back and seat of the chair. The second and third parts cover the arms of the chair, and the fourth and final cover is for the footrest start by removing your covers from the packaging and place your chair into partial recline position, so that you can stretch the new cover perfectly. Take the largest part of the new cover, which is for the seat and back and start to place in position over the back of the chair stretch, the top corners into position. First, matching the seams to the corners perfectly now, pull the cover down over the seat, cushion and push any excess fabric down into the sides and back of the seat, with your fingers shape the material along the crease of the winged headrests at the sides of the Seat with your fingers to create a molded effect over the arms of the chair, one at a time by following a similar procedure, pulling the new cover down to the bottom of the chair and pushing any excess material down the side of the seat cushion. This is easier if you now place your chair into full reclined position. The final cover so as before just stretch the fabric over the footrest smoothing out any creases in the material.

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