Reclining Sofa Sets

The Marvel sofa set by Southern Motion. Furniture. This is the sofa the console, loveseat and you’ve got the recliner over here. These are great. These are done in a beautiful hot top grain leather. This comes in lots of different leather colors, as well as performance, leathers, and fabrics, so you have tons of different cover choices on it.

This is a made in the USA and made to order, so you can have it custom done this. One is showing, with it’s got a power headrest as well as memory Plus, which is an option not always included, but this is we just show you how this reclines, it’s a really smooth, quiet, recline. It stops in infinite positions.

You’ve got a full padded leg. Rest here, which is great for support, really comfortable head and lumbar support in the back, as well as the padded arms. So it’s a really really comfortable plush sectional or sofa set, but this is really cool because it has the memory plus and I’ll just show you real quickly what that is, so you have on the side. You have two different settings. You can program. You can pick your favorite position and then you press the button and it automatically will open to your favorite position and stop right where you’ve saved it and then, with the push of one button, it’ll close right back up, so it’s a really cool option. It also can come without the power as a manual recline.

Chair And A Half With Ottoman

With log furniture place, comm we’re gonna take a look at a few different cedar logs, cabin chair and a half’s. Today, now chair and a half is basically an oversized chair. The cushions are the 40 inches wide. Instead of the standard 26-inch width that you would find on a just standard, lounge chair, the chairs are made out of aged and hand peeled cedar logs. These logs are all hand peeled, meaning all the bark is stripped off by hand. It’s not done by machine. It’s not done by any other automated process, it’s all done by hand, and this is to ensure that all the character, you know as much character as possible stays in the logs, so you’ll see all the natural curves of the log.

All the knots you have a little bit of bark left over, as you can see here, just lots of characters left in the furniture. Now, this chair is a clear finish. Let’s take a look at a honey finish, so here we have a chair and a half in our honey finish. As you can see, the logs are a little bit darker. The honey finish almost gives an aged appearance to the logs same mortise and tenon construction and a classic chair, spindle design behind the cushion you’ll have the logs that run down. Those logs are nice. When you’re. Looking at the back of the chair, you just see the logs comfortable seat slats, so you don’t feel the logs when you’re sitting, here’s a look at the back, breathe and see if it’s out in an open room, you’ll see nice logs instead of slats, like some other issues, let’s take a look at some accessories for the chairs.

Here we have an ottoman. This is a clear finish again. The Ottoman is a great accessory for the oversized chair. Let you prop your feet. Up features, the same slat construction for the cushion that the chair does the chair seat and the Ottomans are going to be approximately the same width. The cushions on the Ottomans, I believe, are 30 inches wide, so it pairs nicely with the chair. Here’s the honey finish again and along with our oversized chairs, we also have a lot of love seats, sofas, futons, lots of few different styles of coffee tables and end tables.

Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

Organizing your coffee table, don’t have a lot of space and it’s like it’s. You might have a lot of things, not a lot of space and it’s a common space. It’s a common room that everyone in the house uses so you’re kind of setting up a system for everyone to you. It’s not just like one person. So let me show you what I do here, so I, instead of a coffee table, I have a storage ottoman that serves as the coffee table also but has storage inside to kind of maximize space.

The purpose of like not putting a lot of stuff was because it’s a storage, ottoman and sometimes we’re taking you to know the top part off to get things to get to the things inside, and so I didn’t want to have a lot of things on top. Ok, so one of the things I do to maximize space and get things off the table onto the vertical space is used. A remote control organizer that just hangs over the edge and the rest of it falls into the ottoman, and so what I’ve done here is I’ve just velcroed this in place. So it’s not going to fall, but it contains all of the remote controls like on the side and then what I did on the back was I just labeled them with what they are. So this is the TV one.

What’s inside the coffee table and kind of go through, you know what kind of stuff we store inside. Okay, so inside the coffee table, I just have board games and photos. That’s like the main purpose, so it’s like yeah the main purpose of the coffee table, so I store all of our board games vertically because they’re easier to access as opposed to stacked. So I just come in here. I see exactly what games we have and I keep them in the family room, because when we have friends over sometimes to play board games – and so this is just the place that we play so just made the most sense so they’re stored vertically and what I do for some of the games that like have a really like loose lid like the lid yeah, it just doesn’t stay on. So I put a big rubber band just like this, and so it just keeps the lid on. So when I pull up the game, it doesn’t, you know like pieces, don’t fall out and stuff and then for the games where the box is kind of falling. Apart from like this one right here, I just put a clear packing tape along the edges, so the Box kind of stays intact and I use clear tape so it doesn’t cover

You know the name of the game, even though you can obviously see what the name of the game the game is. Okay, so one of the things that I do for some of the board games not really call them, but some of them is put all the pieces in little plastic baggies, just like this, just to make it easier to clean up and easier to you know just Set up the game and stuff is it just makes it a little simpler, okay, all right, so that goes there and then over here, there are old photo albums.

Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

the perfect blend between functionality and style. The Belem living Corbett, coffee table storage ottoman will bring both to your home. Let’s take a look. This modern ottoman is first built with a durable wooden frame.

The exposed wooden feet are finished in a classic espresso. Look also how the feet have hidden casters for easy movement. Its then upholstered in a cream-colored linen fabric, with a French script pattern neutral in color but elegant in design.

The edges are covered in a bonded leather, adding to the timeless and classic style. The top is perfect as an ottoman or firm enough to serve as a place to sit but lift the top and flip it over and you’ll reveal not only that the lid can then fit down and be used as a hardwood coffee table, but also roomy storage Space perfect for blankets, linen games, books or anything.

Power Reclining Sofa

This recliner is better than oh. It’S gonna go all the way back, it’s better than amusement park ride. You can get it at zero. Fine furniture tapas is awesome, isn’t it cherish? You know this is football season and being a former cheerleader as you are, you know how important that is in this part of the country. Don’T you yeah and look at this neat thing right here.

If you can’t beat the game, what better place to be than in your own living room and a piece of furniture, just like this, oh it is up and down automatically this chair. If you put your favorite beverage in their cuz, you keep it cold. No way how about that yeah, you can’t beat this with a stick: beautiful furniture, all leather, and in this day and time people are looking for furniture that has the motion and has the capability, and that’s because when they build houses they don’t put the living room to them anymore.

They put just big great rooms, so people want to function, they want to be comfortable. That’S what this is all about, watching your favorite game drinking, your favorite beverage with your favorite person and watching the University of Alabama Auburn football, and you don’t want to do anything. I mean you, don’t want to get all the work, fine, the lever on the side of the couch. Why, when you can just push a button and you go right back, you put your beverage here: it stays cold lights, up lights up there you go and for all your little things you need to keep like TV controls, magazines and so forth right there.

Chair And Ottoman

When you think of getting a replica or something or a clone of something or a knockoff brand or something, first of all, its quality, so is this quality going to be on par with a Herman Miller, Eames lounge chair we’re going to go over that, so we’re going to talk about comfort, price, build and, of course, sexiness, because this thing loses sexiness. I got this because of how damn sexy it is. You guys are going to love it.

I promise you that so first, let’s talk about a build. This thing took me eight, a long time to put together – and that’s probably partially my fault, because I am very stupid and I didn’t follow the instructions like I was supposed to, but I ended up putting this thing together like three times and my back was killing me by the time that I was done, but I finally got it together and the parts were actually a lot better than I thought they would be in terms of quality, so the style that I got was the black walnut. So this has genuine real Italian leather, with the classic plywood Eames Lounge Chair walnut on the underside.

Now the reason I chose that is that I just thought this would kind of go with everything a little bit better. I had a hard time deciding between the black leather and the white leather with the walnut. I looked really good in the pictures. I just don’t know what I would think about it once I actually got in my house so on the official Eames Lounge Chair, you actually have five legs on the stand for the ottoman as well as the chair, and this matches that exactly so that’s going to Give you a more official look if that’s what you’re looking for – and you also see here as we go up the back of the chair – that we have these nice aluminum back braces, which of course will match the aluminum cast base as well. And, of course, we have the multi-layer plywood, which will match very similar to the official Eames Lounge.

A chair next question is this chair comfortable I was actually very, very scared that this was not going to be comfortable, that it was going to be cheap because of how cheap it was, and I can tell you right now. That is not the case. This is actually very nice. The angle in which this chair sits is almost perfect. It’S not perfect, but it’s almost perfect, I’m the kind of guy that likes to lean back way back in my chair, probably more angled than most people do. So this obviously sits at a very good angle. For probably 90 % of the people in this world, but I would like it if it was just a little bit more angled back at the same time, this isn’t a recliner, it’s a lounge chair.

Ottoman Coffee Table

upholstering a coffee table into an ottoman. Let me show you how easy it is. I was at the thrift store not too long ago, and I picked up this coffee table now. The key is, it has to be a table where the top comes off of the base.

Take the top off then you’re going to make a foam insert for this and we are using a mattress pad. It is so much less expensive than the actual upholstery foam and then you’re going to take polyfill and here’s a little trick. Polyfill can be found in cheap pillows, so I laid my foam down. Then I put my polyfill and then I took my fabric now fabrics expensive, but I went over to the curtains section of the thrift store and found this beautiful fabric there.

So all that’s left to do is turn this over and tack it with a couple of staples. Then the options are open. You can take a needle and some strong wax thread and add some tufted buttons. You can also take some upholstery tacks and put it on the side,

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