Oversized Chair With Ottoman

These screws are just clamping right now these will come out and these will have bowels so no metal fasteners anywhere in this thing, but I will say that I had a time getting a lot of this aligned. So these two by fours, I I cut all the round corners off, got everything nice and with nice 90-degree angles. So I don’t know what the issue is, but just a lot of these things were just not lining up like as opposed to anyhow. One thing I am concerned with is the seat, so if you notice I’ve got this seat, and so there’s nothing under this.

This is the bottom of the scene, so there’s nothing under there to support it. So my thinking is what I’m going to do. I’ve got a long drill bit I’m gonna drill through somewhere in here in here, and I guess I’ll plug these – I’m not sure if I’ll use these going all the way through, but I’m gonna put a couple of dolls all the way through this thing. So you know just give us some support. It is going to be dialed into this back support here and on the other side, and also in this leg here, but nothing in the middle is preventing this thing from giving in the middle. It is glued. So I I have confidence that the glue will hold.

I just don’t know over time if this thing will hold up to a lot of weight or abuse. So, like I said this thing, I’m experimenting with this whole thing. Having this as a blank and turning it down to the final shape and just the entire thing as an experiment, so if I fail I’ll show it and if not then it’ll be cool, so we’ll find out what’s going to happen with that. So I’m excited about that thing. I’m gonna try to start power carving that tomorrow, so I’ve got everything glued up now. So that’s all I did today was cut all the half flaps and all that stuff and then glued everything in there. I didn’t want to touch on something, so you see these clamps right here. You know, I’m not you, I’m working with what I’ve got.┬áIt was about the Harbor Freight clamps bending and that thing kind of thing people were saying that I was over tightening. I was clamping up mallet blanks, and I wanted to use the Harbor Freight clamps because I have noticed some of the smaller f-style clamps. When I was using it for this, not even tightening it down, I was using a couple in this manner and they bent so I went to the extreme to see how far they would go over tightened on purpose.

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