Oversized Chair And Ottoman

How you doing so this is the couch / oversized chair and ottoman that we’ve been talking about just wanted to show you all the sides here make sure that you see everything a little bit more clear. You go like this kind of changes. The direction of the fabric so the lines that you see in it right now throughout that’s from vacuuming, but you can go like this. It kind of acts like a microsuede, even though I wouldn’t call the material in a microsuede, it’s more of like a plush. I don’t know it’s really soft, really soft plush.

Okay. Here’s again, you can go like that. Back of it again. This is from the vacuum lines. Pick up the Ottomans, be the feet right here on the seat, to it see the tag,  he’s here. Those are the original tags from more furniture for less. So this is a good you can see. The springs are good. It doesn’t sag when you sit or anything like that. So that’s good. Okay – and this is just full disclosure right here. So again, no rips or tears, or anything like that on the cushion. However, when I took it out to vacuum this morning, I see that there’s a coloration so like this right here. Yes, you’ll change the color by doing that, but this right here is a distinct color difference. It must have faded from the Sun. I don’t know how else to explain that, but I noticed also click on the inside of here right.

There color right there, and I’m going to show you again right now that when you put this in, you can’t even see it because it’s all underneath where the cushion is so. Here’s where it is and I’ll show you give me just a min, I’m going to pause the video and then I’ll show you okay. So it’s all back and, as you can see, you can’t see the coloration difference on any of that now and this right here.

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