Outdoor Chair With Ottoman

Make the coolest outdoor Ottoman out of an old tire. You’Re gonna have to trust me on this. One step 1 attach plywood disks. I’ve used half-inch plywood here. This is going to fill the donut hole. That’s in the middle of our tire, you’re going to want to get the diameter of the circle by finding the highest point of the edge of the tire. There are lots of different ways to attach your wood to the tire for this I’m going to be using one and a half inch construction screws, and you really just need four along the perimeter. I’m going about a half inch in from the edge of my wood, and these are great because they’ve got a big thread on them and they’re really grabbing the rubber from the tire. And now we just do the same on the other side and we’re done no. We’re not stepping two attach rope.

This is what turns our tire with a piece of wood on it into a super cool bohemian chic ottoman, I’m gonna start by finding the center of my wood and I’m gonna pin that rope down – and this is where I start the coil. If you haven’t used this construction adhesive before it is really really strong. So if you get it on your hands and you get it on your clothes, it’s taking a while to come off. So I’m just taking my time and winding the rope around that center point. Once you get it started, it’s quite easy. I just really recommend always putting lots of pressure towards the center, so you don’t have any gaps now.

This is gonna. Take me a couple hours to finish, but to save you some time watch this tada. You can see the way I’ve taken the rope all the way down to the bottom edge, so you don’t see it when it’s on the ground step three attach furniture legs. I just got these from a regular hardware store. They come with a mounting plate. That has a slight angle to it. You’re gonna want to make sure that the angle is sloping towards the exterior of your tire so that, when you screw in your leg, you’ve got this little flare. Little mid-century modern action, and the last leg. boy – and it’s the coolest, boho chic outdoor ottoman I mean come on. These are so cool for more awesome. Diy projects check out backyard.

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