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I actually found a really good deal on these two pieces here. It’s actually an ottoman, but you can actually use it for a footstool or C or even for storage. You wanna check these out. So here’s what it looks like whenever I opened up my package. I actually bought a bundle because it came out cheaper. That way. One is about 43 by 15 and the other one was around 15 by 15 inches. All of the items were nicely packaged and wrapped in this nice, clear plastic. So here’s what it looks like right out the box. When you take out of the clear plastic, you get three pieces. You have one that serves as a top cushion piece that you actually sit on, or you can put your foot on there’s another piece right here where you just expand it out and then there is a centerpiece actually goes inside the box, so it keeps it Expanded and opened up, and you actually drop that right down in the center there.

Setting these up takes less than a minute. It’s super easy. All you have to do is take that piece right there, that’s in my right hand, and you just drop it into the center. This works the same way for the longer one that I have that’s about: 43 inches by 15 inches. Let me just stick it right down in the very bottom, make sure it’s nice and flush and that actually keeps your ottoman nice and expanded out next we’re going to grab your top piece, which is your cover or your seat, cushion and just throw it on top and it’s that easy assembly literally takes a few seconds. My first impressions with this ottoman, including the larger piece that I bought, is I’m really impressed with the build quality really nice craftsmanship, the outside is all made out of a vinyl leather, the very bottom and the interior portions are made of a cloth.

The top part of the cover has a really nice design and stitching and is very comfortable, especially with the cushion it pushes right back at you. Another great thing about these ottomans. Is there supposed to be spill resistance? So if you actually spill some water or get some kind of stain on it from some kind of food you’re supposed to be able to easily wipe it off okay, so let’s go on to the larger one that I bought. So the main difference between this one and the smaller one is that this one has a dividing piece, so you can partition the center off and basically it connects on the inside with some velcro. The centerpiece can be removed. If you don’t want it, it’s held together on the top and bottom and on the left and right sides: okay, let’s talk about dimensions, so the smaller one here is about 15 inches long by 15, inches wide and has a height of about 15 inches measuring from the ground to the top of the cushion – and it also has a storage space of about 40 liters. The larger ottoman is supposed to be about 43 inches in length 15 inches in width and about 15 inches in height and about 120 liters in a storage capacity. Here’s a quick example of what you can keep in your Ottoman for storage.

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