Ottoman Coffee Table Tray

I thought I would show you how I’m going to style this tray on my ottoman, which is in my family room and Marie watch TV, and I typically don’t do really a whole lot with this. It just has three bolts on there, not very nice. Looking on me and just we had always said our drinks down on it when we’re watching TV – and I do decorate this for like Christmas and Thanksgiving – I put some decorations in here, but it hasn’t had anything on there since Christmas. So I do have this candle that I’m realizing this decorative container that it is in is just blending in with the brown wood colored tray, and then I really should bring some lighter colors in here to contrast, so it all doesn’t blend in. But I’m going to shop my home for this, I’m not going to buy anything! I’m just gonna take some things from different areas in my home and I’ll show you how I think, I’m gonna grab a couple of these books put on the truck kind of or stuck kind of high anyway, so you wanna grab. So I got these three little baskets, which don’t even have anything in them. Um, they just spend purely decorative.

I’ve had them for a while and they’ve just been sitting up here on my shelf um in my family room. In my little display of things I’ve collected over time, so I think we’re a thousand. I need one more thing. I think, and this is my entryway table and I think I’m gonna grab one of these owls that I got from Pier One. It’s a little bit battery-operated candle and since it’s summer time I think I will grab some of these plastic lemons. I think I got them um, lemons and limes from Michael’s. Okay. This is what I can’t with. I took the little stack of books, and that was nice because I have a couple different color books and the beige ones on the bottom.

The contrast with the tray and the red one will talk to contrast with the left al and this little owl lights up. It’s so cute and I love this candle lamp. It like I do not remember where I got it from, but I said I bought it. I’ve had it probably for 10 years, maybe not that long, maybe 6, but I have not seen one like that sense. When you come by this little candle, lamps were like the top part or the bottom part, but I have yet to see one more. You can get the bottom part and the top part together. If you all know where you can get them to leave me a comment below, I would love to buy us off, because I just love these little candle lamps and I put some lemons and limes in the basket. Here. I thought that looks really summery and in this little basket I put my nail clippers because I tend to clip my nails and paint my nails while I’m watching TV, so I put my nail polish and vials in there now I didn’t find. I was hoping to find something to put the remotes in, but I put this little one here and then I took the bigger one behind the canvas, so you can’t really see it and I think that um turned it out really nice and brightened up space.

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