Microfiber Reclining Sofa

This is an old chair to have to microfiber chair. I brought this outside just so you can see how dirty it really is. How stained it really is. This is going to be the before shot, I’m going to zoom in. Let you see the stains real good because I’m seeking to transform this chair feel to start cleaning your microfiber furniture, we’re going to need rubbing alcohol. Put your rubbing alcohol on a spray ball spray! You’Re saying very liberally, I can’t stress that enough. We may go through two bottles of this stuff. Getting this whole chair clean because of how dirty it so sprays that rubbing alcohol is very liberally.

Next, grab you this! This is just a regular old brush plastic. Note, steel, just regular bristles start loosening up all that dust. Pan left to right with it go up and down with it then grab your sponge and you need to wipe out to be duck left to right up and down now through this process. As you can see, sponge got dirty. That’s why we have water right here. What we’re going to do with water is? We need to rent their sponge out while we’re doing this. So this is the water wring. Your sponge out really really well continue.

The process we’re going to do this over and over throughout the entire chair here spray it very liberally with the rubbing alcohol use. Our brush loosen up the grime on the GUP, use our sponge to wipe it out wring out the funds, or you continue this process over and over. It’s an entire chair after that we’re going to let it dry as we get to the entire chair, we’re going to let it dry and then we may have to go back and do it again, a second time, possibly even a third time after that. But if we continue doing this process, the same will come out of your microfiber furniture.

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