Leather Reclining Sofa Set

This is an example of one of our leather reclining pieces. I especially like the Flex steel because it has a steel frame, so it is long lasting for people that want something that’s very, very durable. It also is a. I call it a glove-soft leather. So it’s very, very soft to the touch they’re well known for their cushioning it’s 2.8 density and also for their construction. So, someone that wants something that’s going to last a very long time, flex Till’s a good option.

They are rated for 400 pounds, which is a really high rating. So this one, in particular, is nice. It has a curved bucket seat, so it does hug your body when you sit in it. This is the power recline mechanism. It’S on my left side here. For the sign, so it’s got a smooth action. This is called a chaise, it’s a full chaise, so it’s not broken, which will make it more comfortable when you lay down – and I prefer that it’s got an easy movement and it’s very quiet motor.

So you really don’t hear the motor very much at all. When you go in, you can see that the bucket seat really hugs you a lot and the glove soft leather is extremely comfortable. Also, the back is high, so it supports your head very well. I think the color is nice as well. This comes in Burgundy or this we call it kind of a pecan, colored leather

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