Large Ottoman Coffee Table

You have this ottoman that we use in our living room, it’s pretty big and it doesn’t leave any room for a coffee table. I decided to make some modifications and add a removable coffee table like replacement, and this is what I came up with just purchased a roundtable from the goodwill painted it a light, turquoise color and removed the forelegs.

This is the bottom of the table with the legs removed, the four spaces that were spray-painted gold used to be completely filled in. We got a wide drill bit and made the holes, and now these are the new cup holders. a spray-painted. The four blocks gold and then put black felt in the middle of each cup holder and then by adding a nice decorative piece, which is a picture frame, also purchased from the goodwill. And that is a little tray that sits in the middle and now put your feet up around the sides or you can remove it completely, and it is a full ottoman.

We are upholstering a coffee table into an ottoman. The key is, it has to be a table where the top comes off of the base. Take the top off then you’re going to make a foam insert for this and we are using a mattress pad. It is so much less expensive than the actual upholstery foam and then you’re going to take polyfill and here’s a little trick. Polyfill can be found in cheap pillows, so I laid my foam down. Then I put my polyfill and then I took my fabric now fabrics expensive, but I went over to the curtains section of the thrift store and found this beautiful fabric there. So all that’s left to do is turn this over and tack it with a couple of staples. Then the options are open. You can take a needle and some strong wax thread and add some tufted buttons. You can also take some upholstery tacks and put it on the side, and this is what you get when you’re finished.

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