Gray Reclining Sofa

I want to ask you Furniture and they didn’t have them there and I was looking online and I love the gray dark, gray, look of them and here’s a real view in the light. It’s a really nice dark gray and looks very, very expensive and I couldn’t see anything like it. So if you guys are looking for new couches and you’re thinking about the long night, here is a quick description. So if you can see the material it doesn’t look, shiny or cheap, like those fake, polyurethanes, really bad quality ones. This is polyurethane bonded and it has a great soft feel. So it’s not that fake textured, shiny material. It has a great soft feel and I went to Ashley Furniture and they wanted even with 45 % five-year warranty, delivery, and installation around 2500. So I was looking around and I found a site called Coleman furniture, and I ordered these with five-year warranty through guardian free delivery and shipping through show-me shipping.

They do it all themselves, they call you one to deliver and I paid 1,300 and nine dollars with the five-year, warranty and delivery for this two-piece set. So the look of them is better than expected. They look very luxurious supersoft. I sat on them. They have a really nice pad, they don’t even have a gap. So when I open it up, usually some of them. I went to a couple different stores like the room place and they have a huge gap right here and I was hitting the metal on some of them. I tried in stores, but this one is amazing. You can’t even feel that comes down. My head sits perfectly on top I’m about six foot tall, so it worked out perfectly for me. It does go into many different positions. It does even go farther than that. So this is the farthest. It does expand no gaps, no serious issues, no metal behind your back very nice foam padding one of the tops of the line.

There are two different types of padding you can buy in furniture and one is the foam and one is that cotton. Looking polyester material, you don’t want that. That goes really dull. Really quick and your couches go bad. So this is how it expands. I’m going to give you a quick look at the different positions, so they stay in different positions. Here’s the look on the inside and these came fully assembled, so nothing needed to be done with them and they lock in really nice with no issues. Let’s look at the tags, signature design by Ashley Furniture. This was built in Wisconsin when I ordered them, they sent it into Wisconsin and it was built directly for me. Couple instructions has really nice pull strings, not those long bars the color, this estates great, but it’s actually a charcoal gray, and I like it a lot very modern, won’t get dirty as usual you as easily as light-gray in a perfect size for a family room, the Comfort is top, I would say, a nine out of ten. My head fits perfectly on the foam padding on the top really nicely lumbar support, padding right there in the center.

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