Flexsteel Reclining Sofa

The Flexsteel motion and reclining. This is a 2 over 2 power, reclining pad over chase very, very thick leather. If you could zoom in on that Ken, but not only the real thick leather, as you can see, but a nice heavy-duty contrasting nylon stitch that gives you a peace of mind of quality and tailoring, and things like that over here, we’ve got another great deflect: steel Design with a nice shaped arm with a pad over the top again pad over chase, but here’s something different. You have a reclining console that you can get so you over here. You have on the sofa the availability of power or manual and on the reclining like that, it’s manual, but you can also get a power just regular love without the console in the middle. Over. Here, if you like a little more traditional look here, we’ve got a nice scoop seat kind of a bucket seat with a nailhead trim, really high back really traditional frame nicely tailored beautiful, full top grain semi Annalen dyed leather.

This is probably one of our best sellers over here. This is called the Julio and it’s available in a dark black brown, and it’s also available in this nice sort of butternut camel color, but over here, as you can see in the console they put the light saw and where it’s lit up the power Right there in the cupholders, so again in the power you can see, you literally can stop wherever you want to stop. So not only do you have a power sofa, you have a console power and you have a regular power loveseat and over here something a little more unique. You have a modular sectional, so you can.

You could make this into a straight sofa with a left and a right in an armless chair or you can put an armless recliner and have three recliners. You can insert the console in a wedge and get that kind of look or you can do what they call is a half wedge and make a kind of a curved shape sofa. So because of the way we buy, this, we buy in large block volume in bulk and allows you to get the best value for your dollar and know that you’re getting quality one of the great things about flex deal is they have their own unique blue steel Suspension system and that blue steel is guaranteed for life to the to the consumer.

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