Flexsteel Leather Reclining Sofa

Everyone loves a really good recliner, but this recliner isn’t just any recliner just getting a recliner. It is new to us and a Flexsteel, it’s wireless and how nice is it to be able to have a power recliner, but you don’t have to be near the wall. That’s right! It charges it charges by itself as a built-in charger who knew recliners could do all I know. Well, it has a couple of great features about it. What first of all it is a leather match, meaning it’s leather everywhere, your body touches and then around the sides is the vinyl okay.

Now you know this. This is a great feeling. Leather, yeah, very soft, very soft and the construction is still flexed. Till’s, blue steel construction so no worries there, but one neat feature here too is the headrest is adjustable, so it bends forward and or you can straighten it back out and it just gives a little bit of neck support. That’s always good! Oh yeah now talk about the charging okay, so the charging capability is when you lift up the flap there. There you’ll see the little silver box and you plug it in and that’s your charger and then you plug into the wall and that charges it back up and you’ll have a little green light that comes on. That tells you it’s ready.

So then, you can just wrap your cord up, put it in a little storage compartment there and you’re good to go and you can move it anywhere in the house. Oh very good, and you were also talking about swivel, which is also somewhat unique. Yeah, cuz, I mean how great to be able to have it to swivel, and you know not many pit climbers do that as far as the charging capabilities or many recliners is able to do that now right now.

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