Double Recliner Sofa

This dual recliner, sofa from a basement into an apartment, we’re going to show you how to do it the easier way by taking it apart. Here’s a there’s, a bold and I can be able to actually see it right here, 7:16 for the middle section bolts in so. The first thing I did is remove this one and there’s one on the other side as well. On together, 7/16 socket in here just be squeezers and not down here in this little this little foot here, slides back and forth and start it.

So do the one on the other side and just turn it off by hand the other. Not if you look around with that see that there are two more bolts bolting it to these, there is a dual rail system. Basically, with this rests on so gonna have to go back there and do the other two as well so here in the back on this middle section. Setup is just the same just a couple of 7/16 knots, and nowhere there’s the other one and there that one is okay, so we’ve tipped it back now we’re gonna get underneath here and take out these four bolted on feet that are also attaching to these rails, okay, we’re gonna speed it up by using a nut driver on a power drill. Here the quarter-inch fits on to these four nuts that are holding this a reclining section and there are also some slots on these – that it can be adjusted with move in and out.

So when you put it back together, you can slide it in and out to get it just the way it was really not too hard to do it all and a back saver. Okay. So there we have it separate into three pieces. You can take these rails off too if you want all the way off, but I prefer to just move it. They don’t add any extra weight. I just leave it on. One piece also gives you a frame of reference of how it all goes back together. Okay, here’s a newer one, and similarly, it comes apart by taking the three pieces apart. If you can see that this one has hex bolts and the same kind of rail system in three independent pieces. So if you need to take them particularly up and down the stairs to a basement or upstairs apartment, it’s much easier if you take them apart. So while these reclining sofas are fun to use, they are fun to move hope.

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