Contemporary Reclining Sofa

This sectional for a little over four months. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it purpose of the video is primarily to show you all the angles and stuff that the photos just can’t represent and to show you the color something I struggled with when trying to buy white furniture. It’s a pretty comfortable sectional right off the bat it’s very uncomfortable. It definitely has to be broken in. So if you buy it and you set it and you say I hate this – I want to return it break it in most. Couches are like this, but this is to a different degree of annoying when you first buy it. That’S primarily referring to the butt of the sectional.

The back is not overly comfortable, but as far as contemporary or modern sectionals go, I think it’s pretty comfortable. The armrests are overly wide, which is great. If you want to set something down like a plate-like a food, you can definitely set it on the side. However, it’s not firm enough to set a drink down or anything like that. It can’t double as a complete end table. You might be able to let it sit there, but if you shift on the couch it’ll fall, and I know that from experience and the tops of the backrests also fold down, which is pretty cool. I think that it adds a different stylish feel to it, and if you want to set something up there, then you can. I suppose I typically leave the two side ones up in the middle one down, and I think that gives it a nice look and it’s also to mask the small tolerance inconsistency from the manufacturer when you have all of them up.

It looks a little odd and poorly assembled and poorly built and that’s just kind of showing the price. It’s not a super expensive, sectional, that’s more expensive than like college futon for sure, but it’s not a premium product so that that’s kind of represented their pros and cons. I think it looks really cool and it’s also close enough to a real white to play off. As the white, if you don’t put other real white things next to it like right, white pillows, you might go with your secondary color, like from UB gray for the price. I am pretty satisfied with the finish. It could be better, but you know they have 10,000 other couches. If you want something that much better and I don’t want to spend that on a couch, the cons, the backrest comfort could be improved. In my opinion, it’s difficult to find a point to sit back and really comfortably lounge without completely ruining your back and sitting too far away.

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