Coffee Table With Ottomans Underneath

Everybody needs a coffee table and everybody needs storage right, yeah Whitney – and I designed this coffee table that you can build in about 30 minutes with only eight boards and it’s got storage. The best part it’s going to cost under $ 100 in lumber, grab your tools and let’s go build. This eight board storage coffee table. I am here’s. What you need in terms of lumber you’re, also going to need hardware for total hinges and for metal casters and choose any size that you want. They come in all sizes and it’s an easy way to customize. The first step is to make all of your cuts, but don’t forget you always measure twice and cut one we’re gonna use pocket holes, that’s our favorite tool to use as a packaging because it hides our screws asking over here and show them this real quick. This is the pocket hole. Jig we’re gonna use our drill to make a hole get up in there right there.

That is a pocket hole. Then we’ll use the pocket hole, screws. Those will go through that hole and into our other piece of wood, and you will never see them totally hit it. You gotta fucker you’re, so annoying. Would you rather me not use the idea? I guess it sister Chatel, that’s true! It’s like hanging in there now we’re gonna build the box of the coffee. Take that so it is at the bottom. These are the four sides together. These are the 1 by 12 boards and we’ll join those using pocket hole screws and you won’t see the screws me up. We are using a pocket. Holes were also going to add some glue. Queeny’s join this box is going to hold the whole table, so that glue is just added reinforcement to keep it really strong for at 34 and a half, so we need to do 17 and a quarter is going to be center. Okay, now it’s time to attach the planks from a base. This is super easy you’re, just gonna use, wood glue and your knees go a little wood glue on your lens cap right.

There got it done in Canada, quarter yeah we’re going to flip it. Now. We’ve got the base put on we’re ready to build the top. The top is super easy you’re just going to attach that top plane to the very middle, with wood glue and nails. Then you’re going to build two separate lids with pocket holes looks good what someone sings it. You can’t mess that stain. No, we don’t. I love Spain. Yes, this is a color called ash that we love how to get a black undertone to it. It’s beautiful, but we are almost finished stuff. That’s how fast this is Davis dry and now we’re adding our hinges to the top of the coffee table too bad. We only have one driver, cheering you’re on a question, I’m like a machine. You really are time favorite, it has the two drills pick out. Our hinges on the storage top are the complete final step, casters woo. They are simply attaching our casters with some screws. We bought these in a galvanized finish, but we gave them a coat of black spray paint to match the rest of the hardware and they are ready to go we’re using an impact driver with a hex driver on the end of it to attach the screws into the coffee table the drivers the way to go. It’s not scary. Its loud hammer is lawless drilling, so you just have to push the button.

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