Club Chair And Ottoman

Make ottoman seat. And for this project guys, we are going to need this plastic bucket, just regular plastic bucket two pieces of string. It is actually a natural hemp, rope, cardboard piece of cardboard, two t-shirts, one sweater. That is what we are going to use for the seat. Also, our old friend, hot glue, gun and knife, and first we are going to take off this – handle I’m going to need it anymore, open our packages with rope. It smells very smells burning like a very unnatural smell, so basically, what we do now guys is gluing. This hemp rope on the surface of this bucket, all around little by little, it looks like it’s holding pretty good, tries to start it as close as you can to the surface here. So after you complete the first ring, it starts to get very easy all you need to do just to turn around the bucket. You don’t need to worry about how straight it is just put it as close as you can to the previous string, and here guys this is how it’s ended over here and all I do is just start another one just like this, and, as you probably notice that you don’t really need to put the whole like a large amount of hot glue, you can just do little dots around here and there and it’s still going to be holding very well, and it also dries out momentarily. But you can definitely try it with regular water-based glue, I’m sure that would be faster, but then you would have to wait until the glue dries out, and that is probably the largest amount of hot glue.

I ever use the name of my projects and actually, that goes very fast, and I thought when I just started, I thought it’d take me forever. I might use this third bundle for rope because I feel like this is not going to be enough. Two of them just a little correction to what I said at the beginning of the video, and here it is guys it’s. Finally, the main part is ready, and now what we’re going to do is to create the softer Park here on the top, and for that, we are going to need a piece of cardboard that we prepared earlier here. It is now we are going to cut it out, here’s the piece of cardboard ready and now we are going to get our piece of t-shirt, find the middle here and then I’m going to use a button.

This kind of button I found, and instead of sewing it in the middle, I’m just simply going to use a piece of copper wire, just take it through the loop like this now guys, instead of using t-shirt, I actually had a little bit of a change on My plants, I’m going to use this piece of Jean material and I’m still going to do the same thing to put the button through the middle and take it through the middle of this circle. But this material. It just looks better and it’s more durable and just overall I like it, I like it more and the t-shirt is, is stretching too much, and I just realized that it’s not the best way of doing it. But we still going to use t-shirt material for a stuffing the seat. Here it is, the body is going through the middle, and here we just take those two pieces of wiring. Apart and now, with the hot glue gun, I will start folding those sides and glue them to the cardboard, and here it is guys the top is ready. All we need to do now is just to glue it on the top of this bucket, and here it is guys. This is how it looks like that’s the final result.

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