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When you think of getting a replica or something or a clone of something or a knockoff brand or something, first of all, its quality, so is this quality going to be on par with a Herman Miller, Eames lounge chair we’re going to go over that, so we’re going to talk about comfort, price, build and, of course, sexiness, because this thing loses sexiness. I got this because of how damn sexy it is. You guys are going to love it.

I promise you that so first, let’s talk about a build. This thing took me eight, a long time to put together – and that’s probably partially my fault, because I am very stupid and I didn’t follow the instructions like I was supposed to, but I ended up putting this thing together like three times and my back was killing me by the time that I was done, but I finally got it together and the parts were actually a lot better than I thought they would be in terms of quality, so the style that I got was the black walnut. So this has genuine real Italian leather, with the classic plywood Eames Lounge Chair walnut on the underside.

Now the reason I chose that is that I just thought this would kind of go with everything a little bit better. I had a hard time deciding between the black leather and the white leather with the walnut. I looked really good in the pictures. I just don’t know what I would think about it once I actually got in my house so on the official Eames Lounge Chair, you actually have five legs on the stand for the ottoman as well as the chair, and this matches that exactly so that’s going to Give you a more official look if that’s what you’re looking for – and you also see here as we go up the back of the chair – that we have these nice aluminum back braces, which of course will match the aluminum cast base as well. And, of course, we have the multi-layer plywood, which will match very similar to the official Eames Lounge.

A chair next question is this chair comfortable I was actually very, very scared that this was not going to be comfortable, that it was going to be cheap because of how cheap it was, and I can tell you right now. That is not the case. This is actually very nice. The angle in which this chair sits is almost perfect. It’S not perfect, but it’s almost perfect, I’m the kind of guy that likes to lean back way back in my chair, probably more angled than most people do. So this obviously sits at a very good angle. For probably 90 % of the people in this world, but I would like it if it was just a little bit more angled back at the same time, this isn’t a recliner, it’s a lounge chair.

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