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Easy chair that anybody can build if there’s a beginner out there that that’s not, you, know real, confident or wants to build their first piece of furniture. This is a good one to start with uses all 2×4, so very inexpensive and very simple plans to follow. So, let’s get started awesome all right. So what is this first step? We have the first one we want to start with is actually the two arms and that’s an example of one we’ve already cut out and we’ll show the other one being cut for reference. There’s a nice easy template, you can cut out in the instructions. So, for starters, just lay that out the nice and flush knee in the board make your mark and then on this end, which is gonna, be the front of the arms we’re just simply rounding off the corners great. So let’s go ahead and make our first cut here and before we get started cutting for those of you that haven’t used the jigsaw very often, particularly for your curved cuts. You want to make sure you keep pressure down and on the front of the saw, and you don’t want to put any side-to-side pressure, because it will actually bend the blade and create a level.

Then you’re gonna have a lot of extra sanding to do so. A just helpful tip to keep in mind, so here we go so that’s all finished before we actually install. These will want to take a sander and kind of knock some of the splinters off, because this is where your arm is, it gonna be cine. Make sure. That’s comfortable, perfect, okay, so the next step is going to be actually the back support. So if you can go ahead and clamp that and talk through that a little bit, I will get your tools for you. So you’ll notice what the back of the chair we’ve already put, one of the sides on and the back seat part. So all of these angles, the spacing everything is in your cut list. So as long as you follow the list that you have you’ll be good to go to the first tool we’re going to be using is the drill driver with a countersink bit we’re going to do a pilot hole first, so we don’t split our wood, perfect screws. You can also use an impact driver. The pulse driver will be a little bit quieter so, but either one will drive those screws. Absolutely perfect, go ahead and unclamp.

This, our next step, guys, is going to be the legs now once we complete that step. You’re really gonna see this start taking some shape. So when we were making this, we noticed that this brace between the two sides is a little tricky with the measurement. Of course, you can follow the measurements and the plans, but mark has a tip to where you can line it up perfectly so you’re sure that it’s in the right spot mark yeah love to Kyle. So this part here is quite simple, so I like to start with this left joint, go ahead and screw that in place this one’s a little trickier as you mentioned. So what I, what I like to do, is take a scrap piece and line this other leg up: butt it up right to the scrap piece, okay, measure down the same distance and make your mark so obviously, without this scrap piece, it’s hard to get your mark correct right so once you do that, you can go ahead and screw that it in place, and you know it’s square and your chairs gonna sit correctly awesome. So you just do that twice and then you’ve got your chairside absolutely and then we’re ready to start building the frame great. Let’s do it! Okay, if you use another piece, basically help you level things up and make your clamping life a lot easier. You’re gonna clamp the front I’ll have that back here: okay, so that’s nice and snug! Now the trick here guys is, as you’re positioning this front to back. You want to make sure you line up the corners of the leg to the back and not to the side, slab, and I love these steps because now you really get to see it today, all right.

It’s starting to look like something! So now that we’ve put the site on we’re gonna flip it over put the other side on and then it just comes to the finishing touches. So once we do that, we’ll throw on the slats for the back, the slats for the seat and then we’ll throw on the armrests and then we’ll have ourselves a chair ready to go all right. Let’s do it all right so guys we added that additional side. We added the front, brace, and mark added the armrest mark. Why don’t you show him that trick? You came up with so to line the armrest up perfectly on the chair, yeah I’d love to so just a quick time-saver for you guys, so you don’t have to get your tape measure out and measure from the side and the front hundred times. Just take a simple scrap block, a two by material that you’ve got laying around go ahead and lay that down and flush up to the side same thing on the front, just flush that up to the clamp that in place and then you can go ahead and screw that off. Just big-time savings for you make your life a lot easier perfect. So now that we’ve got the whole frame together, let’s go ahead and finish it up with the back slats and the seat slats, and then we’ll have ourselves a chair and there you have it guys.

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