Chair And A Half With Ottoman

With log furniture place, comm we’re gonna take a look at a few different cedar logs, cabin chair and a half’s. Today, now chair and a half is basically an oversized chair. The cushions are the 40 inches wide. Instead of the standard 26-inch width that you would find on a just standard, lounge chair, the chairs are made out of aged and hand peeled cedar logs. These logs are all hand peeled, meaning all the bark is stripped off by hand. It’s not done by machine. It’s not done by any other automated process, it’s all done by hand, and this is to ensure that all the character, you know as much character as possible stays in the logs, so you’ll see all the natural curves of the log.

All the knots you have a little bit of bark left over, as you can see here, just lots of characters left in the furniture. Now, this chair is a clear finish. Let’s take a look at a honey finish, so here we have a chair and a half in our honey finish. As you can see, the logs are a little bit darker. The honey finish almost gives an aged appearance to the logs same mortise and tenon construction and a classic chair, spindle design behind the cushion you’ll have the logs that run down. Those logs are nice. When you’re. Looking at the back of the chair, you just see the logs comfortable seat slats, so you don’t feel the logs when you’re sitting, here’s a look at the back, breathe and see if it’s out in an open room, you’ll see nice logs instead of slats, like some other issues, let’s take a look at some accessories for the chairs.

Here we have an ottoman. This is a clear finish again. The Ottoman is a great accessory for the oversized chair. Let you prop your feet. Up features, the same slat construction for the cushion that the chair does the chair seat and the Ottomans are going to be approximately the same width. The cushions on the Ottomans, I believe, are 30 inches wide, so it pairs nicely with the chair. Here’s the honey finish again and along with our oversized chairs, we also have a lot of love seats, sofas, futons, lots of few different styles of coffee tables and end tables.

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