Brown Leather Reclining Sofa

The Cortez sectional by Catnapper, this is a 3-piece sectional Katie is sitting on the dual reclining loveseat with storage console and two cupholders beside her is the wedge and, on the other side, is a dual reclining sofa both ends of the sofa recline, the Middle seat does not so this sectional has a total of four reclining seats, as shown in a bonded leather and is a hardwood frame. Sinuous springs steel seat, seat box mechanisms in the reclining seats, padded, Shaye’s, arms yeah.

It looks really comfortable. Catnapper is calling this a chocolate calling right. It’s chocolate, bonded leather, so it’s brownish chocolate and it’s actually are really really pretty really easy to live with color. It has baseball stitching on you. Can seat cushion we’ll get you a close-up of the baseball stitching, because it’s it’s really a cool look and it has storage right, there’s the storage. So how does it Katie laid out better soft cushions but still has a little. You know the amount of support. When I sit up, I can get my feet on the floor. If I to when I sit back, I cannot, but that’s okay, because I’d rather be reclined anyway, and this is a great pillow side.

So if you wanted to lay them lengthwise instead of using the recliners, there’s plenty of room for just about anybody any size to lay out this way with these pillows, it looks huntable and plenty big, Hilah quits, just via Morgan. I like the way this funny leather feels it’s really soft, smooth nice feel yeah, it’s not slippery. It’s not sticky. It’s a nice hand for me stitching does give it as a really nice kind of clean-lined little more contemporary.

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