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Blue Chair And Ottoman

3 Piece Recliner Sofa Set

Corner Recliner Sofa

Microfiber Reclining Sofa And Loveseat Sets

Outdoor Chair And Ottoman Set

Bedroom Chair With Ottoman

Ikea Chair With Ottoman

Swivel Chair With Ottoman

Rv Recliner Sofa

Rectangular Ottoman Coffee Table

This is Darren from Hale upholstery and interiors. Today, I’m going to show you how this bench was made so pretty much what I didn’t hear was market. I like to distance the edge here, even with the other side of the edge. So once I did that what was 8, I was able to get it eight and a half inch button side to side by 10 and a half inch top to bottom, and what I used was on some webbing, some Jew webbing to put on the back here And the top lining / top – that’s how I did it so right now, I’m going back to the fold on the opposite side instead of Mojang again so I’ll, be used to a firm foam and then one-inch medium density foam! that’s going to go over like this! Now I’m having a twin foam to stick out 1/2 inch, so I’ll be using a one and a quarter inch diameter to draw the foam out. It’s all pretty much for me.

I personally like to measure the base of the frame and get the measurements from there to make the holes, because if you do measure the foam, sometimes a density, you either push too much and it ends up pointing deeper by may be happier. So it won’t be. As accurate compared to making the frame now that you’re done putting all the layers you need, you want to measure it on the side, we’re going to say fold like this push it in roughly. You need around 58 inches and is the same thing for the other side, and then you cut your fabric so because this is a plain velvet material, I’m using you can see the grain, so the best thing to do is pretty much mark the center and the other way center and try to use a ninety degree angle.

So when you do plot it in your material will go straight. If you don’t, you end up making them into a curve downwards and not easy to make the pleats after so, for this piece I’ll be using a double end. Needle-like this and a button like this three-quarter inch with a two-pound nylon string. So once you’re done doing the base, you want to make the please cleaner by folding it pull the fingers, so it looks cleaner instead of just leaving it, as is so, the band will be putting will have piping on its own already so now be using Packaged cardboard so now we’re using 1/2 inch foam. You know I’ll be using single piping to put on the bass. So the finishing product.

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