Ashley Furniture Reclining Sofa

Ashley furniture finest leather, at least that’s what we were told when we bought it and, as you can see anywhere, you rub against the color is coming off now, keep in mind. This is leather, but in order to maximize profits and make a cheap product, Ashley Furniture had decided rather than stain the color into the leather. They apply a paint, that’s just topical and comes right off so, as you can see it just peels off.

This is where your head would sit. It’s that sensitive it just rubs right off now. This started happening six months to eight months after we bought this, and at that time they came out and they reupholstered this side and, as you can see, this seat and headrest are holding up. So obviously they figured out that they made a mistake somehow now other than the repairman not fastening the cushion down like you should have so it folds. Here we do have some color wearing off here, so they’re not willing to reupholster the rest of it to fix.

At this point now, they’re saying the only thing they’ll do for us is paint more color on talk about dumb. We know how this is going to add. Folks, it’s gon na peel off or it’ll stay stuck there, but everything around it will peel off, which will look worse than it does now. So we paid top dollar for this with the power reclining mechanisms and they’re using every excuse in the book. Not to give us our money back, buy this furniture back or do anything other than just come in and touch up the paint. In the last discussion I had with them, it sounded like they were gon na. Do that one more time, and then they were gon na wash their hands of it.

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