3 Seater Recliner Sofa

A sofa cover. Firstly, remove the cover from the packaging and to open it fully so that you can see the corners the front and the back by laying the new cover across the back of your sofa you’ll be able to see it in full view. Next, stretch the cover and pull the back of the sofa across to the corners, keeping the seam of the material in line with the top edge of your sofa. What’s the back and each corner are fitted, stand in front of the sofa and lift the cover-up.

Turning it almost inside out until you can see the white inner panel now lift the seat, cushions and stretch the white panel of material over the cushions so that it goes around them and underneath them holding them firmly together. What’s in place, pushed seat cushions back down into their original position. This is the hardest part completed. So, let’s move on now we are going to pull the cover over the arms of the sofa and down to the bottom edge. You must make sure that the scenes of the arms are in the correct alignment for the edge of the sofa on.

This is very important. Now do the other side exactly the same, make sure that the bottom edge tucks down under the front corners of your sofa correctly. Lastly, straighten the cover by stretching and smoothing out any wrinkles and pull it down tucking excess material from the back into the crease at the rear of the seat cushions so that the cover looks smooth and repeat this process into the crease of the arms. And now you have your new look: sofa ready to enjoy

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